Saturday, March 26, 2011


In Hawaiian "Ohana" means family. Here on Midway I have found myself a family like none other. The team that I came here with has bonded in a way that I will never forget. They all treat me like a daughter or a sister. Chris and Victoria Jordan have taken on the role of being my "parents" while I'm here and they're so sweet. I can't thank them enough, being my parents isn't an easy role!

Not only is it the people that we came here with, but the people on the island as well. They have all welcomed us so graciously with open arms. This place is like one big family. Everyone greets each other by name and with a smile on their face. The Fish and Wildlife Crew have been so accommodating with our schedules and theirs. I would love to give a big shout out and thanks to them!

Thank you so much to my new ohana! 

Last night Kris took Victoria and I out to see the ghost crabs. It was so eerie! There's no lights on the island, no streetlights or anything so once the sun goes down it's pitch black! When you're on the beach you can shine your flashlight along the shore and all that you can see is millions of white crabs! It's so crazy! We were walking down the beach, barefoot, with no lights, praying we wouldn't step on them but they're good at getting out the way. The crabs were a little creepy because they looked like spiders! We also found some bioluminescence on the shores. When you drag your foot through the sand you can see little shimmers of light occasionally. I can't wait to get back out there and explore the beach at night again!

Emily :)


  1. i'm happy to be a part of your ohana. also, those crabs rocked! :)