Thursday, April 7, 2011

My journey is not over.

As I was sitting on the airplane on the way back to Honolulu from Midway I was reminded of the trip there. I took a look at each of the seven team member's faces and thought that just two weeks ago these guys were strangers. All I knew about them was their name and title; cinematographer, producer or director, I had no idea how connected we would become.

As a team we had the privilege of witnessing something that hardly anyone else in the world would get a chance to. We saw the beauty and peace of Midway Atoll, but we also saw the disgusting reality of the destruction of our planet. As our two weeks together proceeded personal jokes arose, tears were shed and an unspoken bond was formed between these 8 strangers.

Photo: Kris Krug

As a teenager I haven't had the experience of witnessing a group of adults working together to reach a common goal but here I had that chance. It has been a beautiful experience. Each one of our team members are so different but I saw these adults use their strengths to help each other overcome their weaknesses. I was humbled to see them talk so openly with each other and wholeheartedly share their feelings and beliefs. I have never seen adults talk like this with each other and I aspire to be confident enough in myself to be able to do this.

I have found traits within each of these adults that I so highly admire and will try to foster within myself. It has been so hard to say goodbye to my new 'ohana' but I hope they understand that they have forever changed me and impacted my life and for that I thank them.

On another note, my journey is not over! I know that being this actively involved in a cause while so young will not be easy. I have already faced many hard times that made me consider stopping everything I do but I now better understand that this is way too important to me and the world. I'm in this forever. I promise you all that! So as I go continue on my journey please keep checking back on my blog. I'm going to have some very interesting stories about travelling elsewhere to speak about plastic pollution! 

Big thank you to everyone!! 


  1. Beautiful. I love that you heard adults talking wholeheartedly with each other. I never did till I was much older than you. We who have learned to do this, all kind of made up how to do it, with the help of a few ideas from books. I'm sure you'll do great!

    I'm excited at the idea of your inspiration from this trip leading you out into the world and wish you great, wholehearted journeying.

  2. Dear Emily, you and now the planet, are lucky that you came on this trip and want stay on this journey. Welcome to the world of anti ocean/beach plastic pollution activism. We are everywhere from California to Florida, and NE coast, England, Netherlands, Mediterranean, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, all the way around. Together we WILL make a difference... contact me anytime. Barbara de Vries

  3. Hello Emily, lovely to read this posting, and thank you for the open-hearted energy and spirit you brought to our experience together. Looking forward to staying in touch, following your work, and seeing you in person again soon.

    With love,


  4. Hi Emily, it was great having you out on Midway. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you again sometime.

  5. Bah... I miss you Emily. And Pete and Chris. Everyone. And I miss all the fucking albatross more than I ever expected! :P

    I'm on Bowen Island right now in the Howe Sound off the Coast of Vancouver. Prepping, mentally and otherwise, to head to Africa tomorrow. Excited and nervous.

    Emily I've got a bunch of people, organizations and projects I want to connect you with. Track me down on Skype pls and let's stay in touch. Also plan a trip to Vancouver for your near future and let's hangout.

    Love you guys.